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Environmental, Social, And Governance (ESG)


Our business is the acceptance and diversification of risks in primary reinsurance. We find leverage for sustainable action by combining economic success with added value for society. In our insurance business, we principally achieve this through having a strong client focus, by offering responsible products and services, and through the integration of relevant ESG aspects into our reinsurance products and services.

By environment, we mean the natural surrounding where we operate, including the components of the ecosystems, such as climate, weather, natural resources, animals, and trees responsible for the sustainability of our operations. We are a financial institution interested in responsible investing and sustainable insurance. We are committed to aligning our operations with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability - ESG

We take ESG aspects into account in our reinsurance business. We have developed approaches and procedures to analyse and manage the impact of ESG aspects that are material for our insurance business.

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Our Key ESG Objectives Include The Following:

1. Incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) related issues into our business selection, in particular our underwriting, investment and financial analysis, and decision-making processes.

2. Incorporate ESG into our corporate governance and compliance, employee wellbeing, and reduce stakeholders' inequality.

3. Providing economic and social development to the countries where we operate.

4. We'll continue to build on its ESG practices, annually strive to reduce its carbon footprint, improve its community impact through corporate social responsibility, and ensure a well-diversified workforce and Board.

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